Sunday, April 27, 2008

Should I become a PMI Member and What are the Benefits?

There were a lot of discussion during my lesson that people are asking whether they should pay to be a PMI member. To me, this is important if you plan to take your PMP exam during the coming year. They offer discount when taking the exam and unless you have all the confident that you will pass in the first attempt, I suggest to become a member just in case you have to take the exam for the second time. Other benefits of becoming a PMI members includes (taken from PMI Official website):

Becoming a member of PMI gives you unparalleled access to powerful tools, exclusive services, and information and networking opportunities to further your career, including:
  • Exclusive members-only content on
  • Knowledge sharing and networking opportunities through PMI communities
  • Job search capabilities using Career Headquarters
  • Leadership and volunteer opportunities through PMI components and communities, certification program, research program, standards program and other areas
  • Access to A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)
  • Access to PMI's career framework
Members also receive discounts on:
  • PMI® credential exams and renewals
  • SeminarsWorld® and eSeminarsWorldSM educational opportunities
  • PMI global congresses and Research Conference attendance
  • Soundview® Executive Book Summaries
  • Research and reference services by PMI Virtual Library staff
  • Project management publications, products and training tools through the PMI Marketplace
And access to exclusive publications and information to members, including:
  • PM Network®, PMI’s monthly magazine with the latest news and trends
  • PMI Today®, PMI’s informative monthly newsletter
  • Project Management Journal®, a quarterly research journal
  • Leadership in Project Management, an annual publication devoted to enriching leadership skills
  • PMI Community POST, a bimonthly electronic newsletter
  • PMI e-links, monthly electronic newsletters that focus on EMEA and Asia Pacific trends
  • Online access to information resources with PMI Marketplace and Virtual Library
  • Online access to business and project management books and articles with eReads & Reference

Thursday, April 24, 2008

What is Herzberg's Theory (for PMP Certification)

For Herzberg's Theory, it includes:

  • Motivating Agents
    - What motivates people is the work itself, including things such as:
    > Responsibility
    > Self-actualisation
    > Professional growth
    > Recognition

  • Hygiene Factors:
    - Are sufficient to motivate people. For example:
    > Working conditions
    > Salary
    > Personal life
    > Relationship at work
    > Security
    > Status

Basic Idea in Maslow's Hierachy of Needs (for PMP Certification)

It is bested to summarise using the following diagram:

What is included in Organisation Theory

Organisation Theory includes the following:
  • Maslow's Hierachy of Needs
  • McGregor & Ouchi Theories (X,Y,Z)
  • Herzberg's theory of Motivation
  • Expectancy Theory

Friday, April 11, 2008

Creating HR Plan

Human Resource Planning is the process of:
  • idenifying,
  • documenting,
  • assigning project roles, responsibilities and
  • reporting relationships

Sunday, April 6, 2008

How I passed/failed the PMP/CAPM Certification Exam - List of Lessons Learned

I was reading through the (one of my favorite site on PMP) and found that they have a list of recent PMP lesson Learned.

I always suggest people going to take PMP exam should try to understand how others studied and prepared for the exam. You may want to refer to the following link for information:

Friday, April 4, 2008

Project Human Resource Management with PMP Preparation

Project Resource Management includes the following:

  • Human Resource Planning
    Identify and document project roles,responsibilities, reporting relationships and as well as creating the staffing management plan.

  • Acquire Project Team
    Obtain the human resoures needed to complete the project.

  • Develop Project Team
    Improve the competencies and interaction of team members to enhance project management.

  • Manage Project Team
    Tracking team member performance, providing feedback, resolving issues and coordinating changes to enhance project performance.

Recommended Books on PMP

Suggested Study Materials

  • PMP-Preparation Recommended Books
  • PMP Exam Prep, Fifth Edition: Rita's Course in a Book for Passing the PMP Exam
  • A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, Third Edition (PMBOK Guides)
  • The PMP Exam: How to Pass On Your First Try (Test Prep series)