Friday, October 29, 2010

Weighting Systems

Weighting System:
  • ensure that the best seller is awarded the contract.
  • assigned to the values of the proposals and each proposal is scored.
  • The seller with the highest score is awarded the contract.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Steps in Contract Negotiation

Steps in Contract Negotiation:
  1. Introduction

    All parties become acquainted and the overall attitude of the negotiation is established; this tone is largely set by the buyer's team leader and the person with authority to sign the contract will lead the contract negotiation team.

  2. Probing

    Each side attempts to learn about the other's real position.

  3. Bargaining

    Give-and-take discussions take place to arrive at the best possible agreement to all.

  4. Closure

    The tentative agreement is revised and everyone has an opportunity to the tweak the results.

  5. Agreement

    The team tries to ensure that all parties clearly understand and agree to all terms and conditions of the contract.

Selecting Sellers

Selecting Seller:
  • is a process that consists of receiving and reviewing of proposals and selecting a seller.

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