Sunday, May 11, 2008

Stages in Developing a Project Team (in PMP)

The Stages in developing a project team include:

  • Forming
    During this stage, conversations tend to be polite and noncommittal. In addition, team meetings tend to be confusing as the team tries to figure out who is in charge.

  • Storming
    Team members begin to assert themselves and control issues emerge. Personality differences begin to arise. Conflicts result as team members differ on the way they want to do the project work.

  • Norming
    The team begins to work productively without worrying about personal acceptance. There are still conflicts but they tend to be focused on process issues rather than personality differences. The team begins on mutual dependence and trust.

  • Performing
    The team is working at optimum productivity. It is collaborating easily, communicating freely and solving its own conflict problems. Team members feel safe in reporting problems, trusting their fellow team members to help them create the best solution for the team as a whole.

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