Friday, September 28, 2007

Organizational Structures in PMP

In most company, the organization is structured into 6 models. They are Functional, Weak Matrix, Balance Matrix, Strong Matrix, Projectized and Composite models. Details of each structure and the attributes of the project manager are listed below:


Functional organizations are entities that have a clear division regarding business units and their associated responsibility. Project managers in functional organizations have the following attributes:
  • Little power
  • Little autonomy
  • Report directly to a functional manager
  • The project manager may be known as a Project Coordinator or Team Leader
  • The project manager's role is part-time
  • The project team is part-time
  • The project manager may have little or no administrative staff to expedite the project management activities

Matrix Structure

Matrix structures are organizations that have a blend of departmental duties and employees together on a common project. The project team member to be from multiple departments working toward the project completion. Team member will report to multiple project managers and functional managers.

Weak Matrix

In a weak matrix structure, the project team may come from different departments but the project manager reports directly to the functional manager. The project manager has the following attributes:

  • Limited authority
  • Management of a part-time project team
  • Project role is part-time
  • May be known as a project coordinator or team leader
  • May have part-time administrative staff to help expedite the project

Balance Matrix

In a balance matrix, the project manager has more time and power regarding the project than a weak matrix. The attributes of a project manager in this structure are:

  • Reasonable authority
  • Management of a part-time project team
  • Full-time role as a Project Manager
  • May have part-time administrative staff to help expedite the project

Strong Matrix

Strong matrix equates to a strong project manager. The project manager has the power and time required for the project. The attributes are:

  • A reasonable to high level of power
  • Management of a part-time to nearly full time project team
  • Full-time role as a Project Manager
  • Has a full-time administrative staff to help expedite the project

Projectized Structure

The project manager in a projectized structure may have complete power over the project team. Project manager in a projectized structure enjoy a high level of autonomy over their projects but also have a higher level of responsibility regarding the project success. The attributes are:

  • High to complete authority over the project
  • Work full-time on the project with his team
  • Has a full-time administrative staff to help expedite the project

Composite Organizations

A composite organization is a blend of multiple organization types as listed above.


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You can find examples and templates of different organizational structures in the diagram community of Creately Org Chart Software. There are many structures including flat, matrix, hierarchy. There are also examples of combination structures like Flatrachy to be used freely.

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