Friday, May 8, 2009

What is Project Risk Response Audit in PMP

A project risk response audit:
  • is an examination of the effectiveness of risk response plans and of the performance of the risk owner.
  • may be conducted by a third party, by the project's risk officer or by other qualified personnels.

The Auditor:
  • reviews the risk response plan and data concerning project work results.
  • evaluates the performance of the risk owner in implementing the response plan.
  • documents the results of the audit and makes recommendations for improvement in the project's risk response efforts.


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Casey Dale said...

Risk management attempts to plan for and handle events that are uncertain in that they may or may actually occur. These are surprises. Some surprises are pleasant. We may plan an event for the public and it is so successful that twice as many people attend as we expected. A good turn-out is positive. However, if we have not planned for this possibility, we will not have resources available to meet the needs of these additional people in a timely manner and the positive can quickly turn into a negative.

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