Saturday, October 17, 2009

PMP Exam: The 5 Secret Keys to PMP Exam Success

I received the following tips from PMP Exam Resources and I believe this will benefit all of you.

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Dear Group Member,

"How to Ace the Project Management Professional (PMP) Credential Examination, using easy step-by-step PMP
test study guide, without weeks and months of endless studying..."

Before we go any further, let me clarify what PMP Exam Secrets is not. It is not a stale rehash of all of the things you have already learned.

PMP Exam Secrets is our exclusive collection of tips and information specially selected to give you the best results on the PMP test for the least time spent studying. It's written in everyday language and is easy to use.

We cover the 5 essential skills necessary to do well on the PMP test, plus comprehensive reviews covering all the essential test sections individually.

Warning: Always Look for These 6 Criteria

There is a lot of confusion surrounding studying for the PMP test, and standardized tests in general. In our opinion, these are the 6 criteria you should always look for in a study guide for the PMP test:

One: It must be written by writers who have painstakingly researched the topics and concepts needed to succeed on the PMP test. The blind cannot hope to lead the blind.

Two: It must be written in easy-to-use everyday language so all test takers can access the information.

Three: It should be to-the-point, with no fluff to distract the test taker from the truly important information.

Four: It must address the test first, the material second. If the material was the only thing that was important, then every test taker that understood he material should get a perfect score- that doesn't happen because there's a difference between simply knowing what's on the test and test performance. You want a study guide to close that gap.

Five: It must motivate the test taker to actually study. If it's hard to read, studying is slow and painful, and will produce meager results.

Six: The guide must be guaranteed- if you don't pass with flying colors, you get your money back-no questions asked. You get at least 10 times your money's worth!

When you consider what's at stake with your exam, we believe the value of our study guide gives you at least ten times your money's worth.

In summary, here's what you get:

When you buy PMP Exam Secrets, it includes-

The 5 Secret Keys to PMP Exam Success:

* Time is Your Greatest Enemy
* Guessing is Not Guesswork
* Practice Smarter, Not Harder
* Prepare, Don't Procrastinate
* Test Yourself

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Sahil said...
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Sahil said...

Nice Blog. Thanks For Share This Great informative Blog.. I also Some Good Preparation Tips Please check it Out once...

Brand said...

Different People use different techniques. I normally advocate a deligent study of atleast 6-8 weeks. However I came across Rohit, who passed the exam in 10 days flat. Read his PMP Study Tips - How to pass the PMP Exam in just 10 Days - PMP Study Tips

Your Soul Mate said...

How to Pass PMP Exam in 4 Steps (Simple & Straightforward)

You’re bound to Pass the exam if you follow the 4 simple steps below:

1. PMBOK Guide (One time ream for General Grasp)

2. Headfirst Book (Do all the Exercises) or Read Rita’s book Twice

3. (Complete All the 4 Exams)

4. ( PMP Notes for Revision )

All the best for your exam! 

Andrew Rayy said...
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Andrew Rayy said...

Hi there,
I have already followed 4 steps mentioned by you to pass the PMP exam. And I have already passed my PMP exam from pmstudy. following is a link to the PMP aspirants.

PMP Certification

Rohit Calfre said...

Thanks for posting the blog. I felt comfortable while reading the post. Keep posting more blogs.

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  • PMP-Preparation Recommended Books
  • PMP Exam Prep, Fifth Edition: Rita's Course in a Book for Passing the PMP Exam
  • A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, Third Edition (PMBOK Guides)
  • The PMP Exam: How to Pass On Your First Try (Test Prep series)