Thursday, September 22, 2011

What is Project Termination?

For any project, the contract should have provisions for stopping work before completion.

Termination can be for cause or for convenience:

  • The buyer may terminate a contract for cause if the seller breaches the contract (eg. does not perform).
  • The buyer can terminate the contract because they no longer want the work done.

Termination automatically puts the project into closing process group.


Sarah Ryan said...

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PMGuy said...
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PMGuy said...

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Reema Kapoor said...
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Reema Kapoor said...

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simplilearn said...

In simple words and in context of PMP Project termination refers to the actions undertaken to terminate a project. Project terminiation may occur because the project is completed or because the project must be terminated prior to completion due to a alck of funds, significant changes in requirements, and so on.

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Madhu Chander said...

Nice definition about Project Termination. I have shared this blog post on twitter.

Madhu Chander said...

Nice definition about Project Termination. I have shared this blog post on twitter.

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